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Change Lives with St John Ambulance logoChange Lives with St John Ambulance

Project Overview

St John Ambulance WA approached us to work with them on a recruitment asset for both paid and volunteer staff members. Mobile friendly and dynamic for screen sizes in between mobile and desktop, it needed to communicate with different departments within St John based on the input of the potential staff member.

Our Challenges

20,000 volunteers by 2020 is the goal set by the organisation.

A volunteer is looking for quite a different set of features to a paid employee. We took an approach with the template that allowed those features to be clearly set out, regardless of the type of role being displayed. That approach gives volunteering as much gravitas as paid employment and generates a constant flow of EOI for the volunteering managers.

Those EOI are the start of a conversation that is then carried on by the St John communications team to bring new volunteers and staff members on board.

The Solution

A mobile friendly content managed site that breaks out of the corporate mould to perform some specific and targeted actions.

We created base templates and content management functionality that allow the St John team to communicate clearly with their audience and be connected with existing third party services (mailing list engines, recruitment systems as well as a separate Volunteer Information Portal). They can respond quickly to change and don't have to rely on third party assistance to get simple things done.

Services Demonstrated

Design and Web Development