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Curtin University - Elsie logoCurtin University - Elsie

Project Overview

Elsie is the trusty companion on a student’s University journey. It does the hard work, gathering important academic information, contacts, schedules and more and delivers it directly to the palm of their hand. Curtin engaged Sumo to help build the experience for learners from the ground up as they interact with this gateway. With an empathetic approach and dynamic work?ow we were able to deliver an app that’s assisted with big increases to student engagement and retention.

Our Challenges

A feat of software architecture and engineering by the talented Curtin team, Elsie collates student data from a range of systems and databases (Student One, Blackboard, within the university and serves it up to their mobile device through a single API gateway.

The Solution

“Just another Uni app” was the antithesis for Elsie. We strived to create an empathetic connection with students, replacing authority and dictation with conversation and satisfaction. Exploring personifcation of the app gave us a means of engaging the short attention span of students and delivering a relatable and satisfying experience. Engaging student attention with relatable language and inviting aesthetics is one challenge, retaining it is another. We developed an easy, intuitive content architecture and interface that put information exactly where students expected it to be. Satisfed students become advocates for Elsie, driving uptake and retention for the University moving forward.

Services Demonstrated

App Development, Design and Strategic Planning