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Fremantle Dockers Membership logoFremantle Dockers Membership

Project Overview

If you’re in WA and you’re into the AFL, your blood tends to run a victorious and noble shade of purple, or gentle, delicate shades of a somewhat indecisive yellow and blue.

If you’re in WA and you’re into the AFL, then you’ve probably got a membership to your local team. Our WA team is the Dockers - lets not mess about with that detail any further. So when the Dockers asked us to help with their membership portal, we jumped at the chance to bring a few more fans closer into the fold.

Our Challenges

If you’re an AFL team and you want to have a web presence, the AFL has very strict functional and sponsorship related guidelines for you. We took that challenge and ran with it, creating a microsite that broke the mold for membership drives at the AFL.

The Solution

The Dockers have a great product and a solid offering for their fans. They’ve created Dockers membership to suit everyone, right across the globe. SUMO made the experience of signing up and renewing something very special.

You just tell us who you are and where you are, and your favourite players will show you the sort of membership package that suits you. We’ve made it easy to add features to your package such as reserved seating... or your Mum - all in one transaction.

Now your purple blood can really get pumping wherever you are - from your armchair in London to right before the siren at Patersons Stadium.

Services Demonstrated

Design and Web Development