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Quality Time logoQuality Time

Project Overview

How do you stay in touch with your kids when you're travelling?
A phone call is nice to catch up, but you’re usually asking grown-up questions of a growing mind, so it goes a bit like this:

“Hey poppet, how are you?”
“What did you do today?”
“Can’t remember”
“ummm, how was school?”
“...ok - is mummy there?”
Then phone is thrown back to Mum or Dad.

But what if you want to prolong the fun?

Quality Time was built to ensure that families that are apart get to participate in the closeness that comes from one-on-one time reading beautiful story books together wherever they are in the world.

A bedtime story is Quality Time spent with your family, so don’t let distance get in your way.

Our Challenges

At the core of Quality Time is an awesome library. We worked to collate a library that both kids and adults will enjoy reading together.

Make it very easy to get started and get reading. Kids can be a bit edgy around bed time, so we removed all the stuff they didn’t need to distract them.

Create a unified experience that is immediately reflected on the other device with aspects such as no delay in page turns and voice and visual cues for what is next.

Execute all of this in a low-bandwidth environment - we know some of our users will be on remote locations with poor connections. Streaming books in real-time just isn’t an option if you want your kids to sleep before midnight.

The Solution

Enter the Quality Time App for iPad (coming soon to iPhone and Android).

Quality Time allows you to purchase some of Australia’s best known picture books that can be read from afar using screen sharing and an audio platform all built into one very smart app.

App Features:

Real-time reading
Using screen sharing and an audio platform we allow users to read stories real-time between multiple devices from anywhere in the world.

Online book store
Choose from some of Australia's best known picture books in a library that is expanding regularly.

Secure family account
Control who is set up in your family account through the settings to ensure everyone is safe online.

Read with many
Using our audio solution allows you to read to multiple logged in users at any one time... so you can have children in multiple locations enjoying the story in real-time.

Is Grandma in the USA and the grandkids in Holland, Japan and Australia? They can all come together for Quality time.

Services Demonstrated

App Development and Design