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App Development

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Software doesn't have to be clunky and rigid to be effective. We work with companies such as St John Ambulance, Curtin University, Chevron and Murdoch university on the functionality and experience of their systems.

Our expectation (that includes you, me and your Mum) of what software is and how we interact with it has changed over the past few years thanks to a range of user friendly devices. When you look at the software we use at home or on our phones and the software we use at work we usually see a huge usability gap. This is where SUMO comes in.

We build mobile apps, desktop apps and web apps for our clients. We align great user experiences with strict business requirements that aren't locked down to a particular platform.

People want to engage with the stuff we build.

We've had clients tell us our work has gathered a crowd in their normally reserved office, with excited staff members all wanting their turn.

  • We make it easy for people to get their jobs done and create very happy and efficient users.
  • A happy user is a loyal customer; a happy user is a committed employee.
  • A SUMO-designed application just made their day better, and your IT team is happy as it didn't slow their system down or put more of a support burden on them.

Our approach is user-centric and business process driven.

Technology doesn’t scare us, but bad experiences do.

We don't need to build it all (you've probably got the team to do that) but we certainly can. Many of our clients (such as Woodside, or Curtin) engage us to collaborate within their business where we will make the most difference.

SUMO has experience with cloud application development, mobile app development and advanced web application development.

The fundamental change in thinking we bring to your corporate intranet, your mobile application or your rugged computing environment is what sets us apart. We set up our clients for success in their working environment, regardless of where or what that environment is.

Talk to us about your app development today.