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Experience Design

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Experience Design has underpinned all of what we do for 17 years.  We contribute a significant portion of our thinking to the functional aesthetic of a piece of work to ensure it communicates its purpose clearly for our clients and their customers. This Design Thinking flows through every department at SUMO.

Separating how something looks from how it works is a key part of creating great experiences in the digital space.

The thought patterns and approaches of XD underpin every one of our projects.  Although in the past the actions themselves may have been presented under a number of other titles, such as:

  • business objective definition
  • information architecture
  • interaction design
  • information design
  • visual design

Experience Design is intrinsically bound to the UI of a product, but encompasses so many more components that ensures the UI and subsequent visual design efforts are elevated in terms of their effectiveness.

Our experience design efforts are a creative yet practical way of thinking that can work to solve complex communication problems. It requires honest, unbiased analysis of your product or service from the user perspective to determine problems and opportunities for improvement. It takes a potentially messy (or non existent) conversation and turns it into one clear voice.

Our client experience is thoughtfully designed and evolving, the information and structures within their projects are carefully designed, the creative concepts are beautifully crafted and designed to achieve a predefined set of goals.

Our approach isn't to just make you look good as plenty of people claim to do that. We go beyond to make our clients feel good and we also make sure our efforts really work for your customers, so they feel good about you.

Talk to us and find out how good experience design can help your business.