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Strategic Planning

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There's a lot of hype in the online space at the moment. You must rank #1 on Google. You need an app. You must be social. You must tweet... now. We cut the crap to guide our clients on making appropriate decisions online based on their strategic business goals. We demystify the relentless hype machine and make sure that any bandwagon you jump on is going to take you in the right direction.

In an area where most agencies are still finding their way, wouldn't you rather speak to people who have been working with the medium for 16+ years?  Clients engage SUMO because the trajectory we take for them is plotted before we start production. We're not feeling our way with technology and have enough experience to make sure you understand what we're doing and why.  

We keep our strategy clients in the loop with regular reporting and discussions with our experts on what we've been working on, what it means to their business and what is next.

We understand that a poor decision now can cost you significantly in the future, and we don't like making clients pay twice. So we plan, prepare and execute with the long term in mind.

We love analysis and tracking the performance of our projects. It is a great feedback loop on our efforts and keeps us on the right path with our clients.  Minor adjustments are often made when it comes to functionality or the direction of a campaign, but the core message almost always remains the same due to effective planning and strategy.

So you'll never catch us indulging a fetish for the latest pay-by-the-hour app on your ticket - unless it absolutely delivers what you need.

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