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Web Development

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We're experienced web developers. We've seen the potential of the web grow from rudimentary layouts through to the beautiful responsive designs we enjoy today.  Our work has to perform on more platforms than ever, so we've built a team that keeps themselves at the forefront of web technology.

We create thoughtful and responsive designs...

Our approach to web development is user focussed. What do your users need to achieve? How can we make that as easy as possible? What device are they using?  Your business is thoughtful and flexible when dealing with customers so we build online assets that work in the same way.

that work on many mobile devices...

Making things work on the small screen without killing the user experience is a challenging proposition. But it  is a challenge the team at SUMO is more than up for accepting. Where possible we work with our clients to ensure the asset we build for them behaves as expected across a range of mobile devices.  We're also able to adhere closely to strict accessibility standards required by government organisations and still create a great user experience.

and feed from a single content management system.

It is very rare that we don't put a CMS behind a new project.  We work with a host of CMS's at all kinds of price points that represent great value for money. Some of these are commercial products and come with license agreements, whilst some are completely open source and free from ongoing license fees.

We consider your total cost of ownership

While having the budget to build a gorgeous new site is one thing, having the budget to maintain it over time is entirely another.  Too often we speak to clients who can't update or re-skin their sites without a complete rebuild. 

This is not the way SUMO works. We talk to you about how you plan on using your site now and in the future and build the site in a manner that suits your needs. This thoughtful approach to your total cost of ownership means you only engage SUMO to perform your heavy lifting, and not your everyday changes.

...and create clear calls to action.

No one likes thinking too hard. Your customer is on your site for a reason, so lets make it easy for them to do business with you by creating clear calls to action for them to respond to.  We lower the hurdles for our clients to get great conversions through their digital assets.

So talk to us about your web development today.