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A Bit About SUMO

About SUMO

When you think of SUMO you probably think: heavy, powerful, strong and swift... yet somewhat comical. Our name matches our nature and while we're professional at work, we do like to enjoy ourselves in the process. On average we're a bit more t-shirt and jeans than suit and tie, but that hasn't stopped our corporate clients from engaging us.

We were founded in late 1999/early 2000 (just as the dotcom bubble burst) as a partnership between an Artist and a Designer and have grown to a team of 25 (ish) in a modern, spacious office in the heart of Technology Park.

We are a creative team of Design, Technical and Client Service specialists who collaborate with clients to create great digital experiences.  We thrive on good design, great ideas and proven results.  While we often refer to ourselves as a Digital Agency our talent pool represents so much more than that simple tag-line implies. 

15 years on and we're still guiding clients to make the right long term decisions about their digital projects. 

Our structure is a blend of the most talented people that you'd find in a Design Studio, Advertising Agency and an IT firm. We've worked hard to build a collaborative culture that performs at a high level.

If it's on a screen, we’re into it.
If it's well designed, we're into it.
If it's effective digital communication, we're into it

If you think you'd like to work with us you can read more or get in touch now.