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Working With SUMO

Working With SUMO

We merge years of visual design talent with technical expertise to work hand in hand and produce results for our clients. Where possible we take a long term view of our projects and aim to deliver a cost effective product that lasts.

When a client engages SUMO to work on a project their time is spent interacting with Senior staff that have the ability to solve problems on the fly, not merely take notes and provide an answer days later. This talented team of specialists who work to understand what you want to achieve before we push a pixel or write a line of code are always 3 steps ahead of the game. We love asking questions and challenging potential direction in order to deliver the ultimate solution every time.

We have a clearly defined production and development process that encourages persistent clear communication throughout your project.

We work well with your in-house Marketing team.
We work well with your in-house IT team.
We work well with your Management team and understand your Board.
We enable them all to work together to reach your business goals.

So what is next?

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