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How to Claim the Victorian Government Solar Rebate:

Applications Now Open, Don’t wait!

The Victorian government is offering a 50% rebate on household Solar PV systems, up to a maximum of $2,225. The Sumo Solar team have put together this Q&A to help you navigate the sometimes complex world of solar.

Do I have to wait until I’m approved to install solar?

The good news is you don’t have to wait.

Any Solar PV systems installed from the 19 August 2018 until the end of June 2019 may be eligible for a rebate. You don’t need to get approval beforehand as long as you meet eligibility requirements. As the whole process can take a couple of months, it’s a good idea to get your Solar system installed as soon as possible.

How do I get the rebate?

You’ll likely fit in one of two categories: Either you don’t have a PV system installed yet, or, you’ve had one installed later than 19 August 2018. We’ll walk you through the steps in both scenarios.

I want the solar rebate and I don’t have a PV system installed yet

1. Make sure you’re eligible

The first step in any government rebate system is checking the eligibility requirements. It only takes a moment to find out if you can apply, where you must meet the four criteria below:

  • You must be the owner and occupier of your home.
  • Your home must be valued under $3 million.
  • You don’t currently have solar OR you are completely replacing an existing system.
  • Combined household income must be less than $180,000.

2.Choose a provider and obtain a completed Solar Provider Statement

The government doesn’t dictate your personal choice in choosing a solar provider, but the PV system must meet its own set of requirements. At Sumo we makes things simple and easy by making sure we meet the following criteria which all solar retailers should adhere to:

  • The provider must be approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)
  • The solar system as a product must also be approved by the CEC
  • They must complete a Solar Provider Statement, found here, stating that they have a class A Electrical license (with Energy Safe Victoria) and WorkSafe has not prosecuted them in the last three years.

This is where Sumo can help you install a solar system. Call us on 13 88 60 to get started on an obligation free quote, so you don’t miss out on the rebate.

3.Submit proof of eligibility

All you have to do is submit your details to Solar Victoria here. Solar Victoria will send you confirmation of your eligibility and a number you can use to apply for the rebate. Note: this doesn’t mean they’ve approved the rebate yet.

They will ask you for proof of eligibility including:

  • An ATO notice of assessment or alternative proof of income.
  • Your Solar providers name and completed provider statement.

The government estimates 1-2 weeks to give you an application number, so it’s good to get started as soon as you can.

4.Get your solar system installed

This is where Sumo comes in! After we’ve supplied you with your solar provider statement and you’ve received your eligibility number, we can get rolling on installing your solar system. It’s okay if your system is installed before approval as long as it meets eligibility requirements and it was installed after 19 August 2018. Call us 13 88 60 to talk to one of our Solar experts. If you need more general info, Consumer Affairs Victoria provides some FAQ information on solar installation.

5.Apply for the rebate

Once you’ve got your system installed, go back to your confirmation email from Solar Victoria. You’ll see a rebate link that you can use to submit your application. Before you click the link, you’ll need the following documents to help you submit your application. Note: You’ll need to source these documents from your solar provider.

  • A receipt with the cost of your PV system
  • A CR number or Electrical Work Request (provided by Sumo)
  • A service order reference number
  • A certificate of both Electrical Safety and PV small-scale technology

6.Receive your rebate

This can take a few weeks from the time of application. Solar Victoria reminds households that they will never ask for bank details over the phone. If you feel like you are being targeted by a scammer, contact Solar Victoria 1300 363 744 to double check before providing any personal details.

Ready to Get a solar system installed? Call Sumo to speak to one of our energy experts.

I want the solar rebate and I already have a PV system installed

If your system was installed after 19 August 2018, you may still be eligible to apply for the solar rebate.

To apply for the rebate, you need to meet the same eligibility requirements listed above, and you’ll need to obtain the same documentation as well. Head to Solar Victoria to complete your application and you’ll be on your way to the rebate.

Don’t wait to get the process started. The Victorian government has capped the rebate at 24,000 households until the offer ends in June of 2019 and almost half of that number has already requested more information to get started. Don’t wait and miss out on this offer. Get in touch with Sumo Solar Expert today and we’ll help you get started!