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Save With Sumo

It’s wonderful to enjoy reliable and friendly service from your energy and internet provider, but nothing beats extra savings on your monthly bills. Many Sumo customers are already aware of the various ways they are saving money, but read on to make sure you’re accessing all of the benefits available, and start saving on your next bill!


1. Bundle more to save more

Once upon a time, different household services were provided by individual companies, and all came with hefty price tags. To make things easier, not only do we offer electricity, gas, and internet as part of an integrated service, but you save money when you choose to bundle multiple offers. Our current bundle plans save you 43% on electricity and 25% off gas. NBN is also discounted by 20% for 6 months. If you only need two of the three services, that’s also no problem, you can still benefit from bundle savings! If you’re already with Sumo and you want to make sure you’re current plan earns you savings, give us a call at 13 88 60 and our team will find the best available offer.


2. Sumo Perks

Saving money through your energy and internet provider is a huge advantage for any household, so it’s a major bonus when you’re able to save money at other businesses that are essential for your daily needs, just by being a Sumo customer. Our business wouldn’t exist without our customers, so it’s a pleasure for us to be able to provide additional perks beyond our services and bundle savings with our rewards and benefits program. Perks include VIP discounts at Australia’s leading brands such as Coles, Woolworths, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Flight Centre and several more. Just imagine saving money on your groceries or movie tickets simply because you receive a utilities service!



If you’re a residential customer of Sumo, you receive your bills via email and pay on time, you’ll automatically be enrolled for Sumo Perks. Just make sure you’ve opted in to marketing messages. If you weren’t aware of Sumo perks or you’d like to find out more information, visit us here and start saving.

3. Pay on time reminder

We know that life gets busy, so we reward Sumo customers who are consistently paying bills on time. No, we’re not asking for early bird payments, we simply enjoy rewarding customers who are putting in the effort to keep up with their payments! That’s all there is to it. If you’re current payment method isn’t helping you stay on time, check out your other options or get in touch so we can help you figure it out. We currently offer the choice of credit card payment, Direct Debit, Bpay, Telephone, as well as Centrepay, whatever works best for you.

4. Never miss a payment

If you’re not saving from on-time payments because you’re having trouble remembering when things are due, we’ve got an option that’s likely to simplify your life, or at least your bills. When you sign up for Direct Debit payments, bills are automatically charged on their due date so you’ll always be on time. Don’t worry if you’ve been using a different payment method, switching to Direct Debit is really easy. All you need is your account number  for any Sumo service, your birthday, and we’ll do the rest!



5. Refer a friend

Referring a friend is the easiest and most fun way you can save on your utilities bills with Sumo. All you have to do is send a buddy, a family member, or even a coworker our way and you’ll automatically save $50. The best part is that whoever you refer saves $50 too! The more friends you refer, the more you save.


6. Sumo Energy Portal – bill cap

It can be hard to gauge how much energy you’re using in a given month, especially with multiple members in a household. One of the best ways to save money on your electricity and gas bills is to keep track of how much you use week to week and how it changes with your activities, the weather, or new appliances. Sumo sends out updates each week that show your current usage so you can make necessary adjustments, stay in control of your bills, and ultimately, save money! As always, if you need help or have further questions, get in touch today.