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Save With Sumo

Sumo was born from a desire to deliver better value to quality customers. Here is a range of small things we have put together that we believe can save you more.

1. Bundle more to save more

The more services you bundle, the more you save. Sumo are one of a handful of retailers to offer electricity, gas and internet all under one roof. Click here to view the latest available offers in your area. Even with two bundled services such as electricity and internet you still save with Sumo. Call our expert sales team on 13 88 60 or visit to find the best plan to suit your household.

2. Sumo Perks

At Sumo we understand costs are rising in the energy industry, that’s why we developed Sumo Perks as a way to support our customers. Sumo Perks helps our customers to save money off everyday items like your groceries. Our business wouldn’t exist without our customers, so it’s a pleasure for us to be able to provide additional perks beyond our services and bundle savings with our rewards and benefits program. Perks include VIP discounts at some of Australia’s leading brands such as Coles, Woolworths, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Flight Centre and more.

If you’re a residential customer of Sumo, you receive your bills via email and pay on time, you’ll automatically be enrolled for Sumo Perks. Just make sure you’ve opted in to marketing messages. If you weren’t aware of Sumo Perks or you’d like to find out more information, visit us here and start saving.

3. Pay on time reminder

We reward our customers for paying on time. It’s simple, continue to pay on time and you’ll continue to be rewarded with pay on time discounts off your usage charges.

4. Never miss a payment

Do you forget when your bills are due and keep missing your pay on time discount? Secure your discounts with Direct Debit. When you sign up for Direct Debit payments, bills are automatically charged on their due date so you’ll always be on time. Don’t worry if you’ve been using a different payment method, switching to Direct Debit is easy. All you need is your account number and birth date, and we’ll do the rest!

5. Refer a friend

Referring a friend is the easiest and most fun way you can save on your utilities bills with Sumo. Send a buddy, a family member, or even a co-worker our way and you’ll both automatically save $50 and they will also save $50. Most importantly make sure when a friend or family member is joining Sumo they reference your name. The more friends you bundle up and send our way, the more everyone saves!

6. Sumo Energy Portal – bill cap

It can be hard to gauge how much energy you’re using in a given month, especially with multiple members in a household. One of the best ways to save money on your electricity and gas bills is to keep track of how much you use week to week and how it changes with your activities, the weather, or new appliances. Sumo sends out updates each week that show your current usage so you can make necessary adjustments, stay in control of your bills, and ultimately, save money.

If you need help or have further questions, get in touch today through one of our energy experts.