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Having payment difficulties? Call us on 13 88 60.

If you are eligible, we can set you up on Victorian or NSW Government energy concessions or rebates. Visit concessions and rebates for more information. We can also help you to set up Centrepay to make regular Deductions from your Centrelink payments. Centrepay is a voluntary and easy payment option available to Centrelink customers. Go to for more information and to set up your Centrepay Deductions.

If you are still finding things tough, please call us to discuss alternative payment arrangements. We offer payment plans that allow you to pay by smaller, more frequent instalments, which will help with managing the household budget. If you just don’t have the means to pay, please call us and ask about our assistance plan, Bill Assist.

Bill Assist

If you just can’t manage to pay your Sumo bills in full or keep up with a payment plan, please call us and we can discuss your eligibility for access to our hardship assistance program, Bill Assist. Bill Assist is our plan to get your payments back on track. It outlines the conditions for participation, and how we can help. If you need help, the first step is to call us on 13 88 60. For more information, read our Bill Assist Policy.


Please contact us on 13 88 60 if you are finding it hard to pay your Sumo Telecommunications bill.  To assist you properly, we may need some information and/or supporting documentation from you. Our Telecommunications Hardship Policy is provided in full here, or the summary of the policy is here.