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  • No lock in contracts
  • No exit fees
  • Trusted payment system
  • 1. Utilities Type All Sumo bills are defined as Telco, Electricity or Gas, so you can know exactly which type of bill you are dealing with.
  • 2. Account holder name and billing address You can update your billing address by visiting and selecting ‘update details’ in the top right of the page. Your billing address can sometimes be different to your ‘supply address’.
  • 3. Invoice, account and contact details Your account number and invoice number are located here.You can provide these details if you have a billing or account enquiry. You will also find the due date of your bill and the date the bill was issued. Sumo’s contact details are also located here for convenience in case you have an inquiry or complaint.
  • 4. How much do I owe? This shows the total amount to pay after any benefits or discount may have been applied.Note: this amount may differ depending on if your account is Overdue, Direct Debited or In Credit. Ensure you pay on time by the due date to make sure you don’t lose any plan benefits.
  • 5. Payment options Sumo offers a number of payment options including by telephone, online, direct debit and BPAY.
  • 6. Account summary See the breakdown of your account charges. Starting with opening balance which includes any outstanding charges from the previous month, minus any credits and payments made in the last month, plus any new charges for the month. This then equals your total remaining amount to pay by the due date. For a breakdown of all charges – see the reverse of your bill.
  • 7. Important messages Sumo will provide you important messages to notify you of any changes to your account, including rate changes and other important reminders. Sumo also provides handy tips and special offers in this area.
  • 8. Previous billed period See a total charges summary of the data and call usage you have used in previous months and the current usage period.
  • 9. Invoice Summary This section give a breakdown of each line item charge and payments for your account by outlining your previous balance, recent payments, new charges on the bill, overdue amounts and any adjustments that have been made to your account since the previous bill.