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Sumo is committed to providing excellent customer service. Please call us on 03 9102 8400 if you experience any fault with your service and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

The Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 [the Act] and the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011 [CSG] cover the supply of standard telephone services and enhanced call handling features and set out timeframes for connection of services, repair of faults and for appointments. The CSG standard does not apply to mobile or satellite telephone services, broadband/internet services, customer equipment or customers that have more than five standard telephone services.

When Sumo supplies a VoIP Service to you (such as Sumo Home Phone) we propose that you waive your protection and rights in full. You are not obliged to waive your protection and rights; however, Sumo may choose not to supply the Service to you if you do not do so. By waiving your protection and rights you agree that you are not able to make a claim to Sumo for compensation where the standards have not been met.

The protection and rights you agree to waive include:

  • Damages for breach of performance standards, as per section 116 of the Act.
  • Time for payment of damages for breach of performance standards, as per section 117A of the Act.
  • Right of Contribution, as per section 118A of the Act.
  • Guaranteed maximum connection periods, as per the CSG.
  • Guaranteed maximum rectification period, as per the CSG.
  • Information to be given to Customers, as per the CSG.
  • Making and Changing Appointments, as per the CSG.

This waiver takes effect from the date you give your consent (when ordering Sumo Home Phone over the internet) or, if you give your consent over the phone, 5 working days after you give that consent. If you notify Sumo of your intent not to be bound by this waiver, Sumo reserves the right not to provide you with the Service.

More information regarding the CSG standard can be found at