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  • No lock in contracts
  • No exit fees
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  • 1. Fuel type
    Electricity, gas or telco.
  • 2. Account holder name and billing address
    You can update your billing address by visiting and selecting ‘update details’ in the top right of the page.
  • 3. Invoice, account and contact details
    Your account number and invoice number are located here.
    You can provide these details if you have a billing or account enquiry.You will also find the due date of your bill and the date the bill was issued. Sumo’s contact details are also located here for convenience in case you have an inquiry or complaint
  • 4. How much do I owe?
    This shows the total amount to pay after any discount is applied as well as the total savings, so be sure to pay on time!
  • 5. Payment options
    Sumo offers a number of payment options including by telephone, online, direct debit and BPAY. Details for payment at Australia Post are shown overleaf on the reverse of your bill.
  • 6. Important messages
    Sumo will provide you important messages to notify you of any changes to your account, including rate changes and other important reminders. Sumo also provides handy tips and special offers in this area.
  • 7. How much have I used
    This graph shows your historic energy usage.
  • 8. Your account details
    This section summarises your account by outlining your previous balance, recent payments, new charges on the bill and any adjustments that have been made to your account since the previous bill. Note the total amount due shown here does not include your pay on time discount (if applicable).
  • 9. Your energy use in detail
    Here you will find your supply address, NMI (National Meter Index for electricity) or MIRN (Meter Installation Reference Number for gas) and details of meter readings during the billing period. The billing period is the time between the start and end meter read. Your NMI/MIRN is important because it is unique to your supply address and helps us ensure we are supplying the right property.
  • 10. New charges this invoice

    Your usage and supply charges, as well as any additional fees, discounts and concessions are itemised here, so you know exactly what your rates are and how your bill is calculated. You can see if your usage charges are based on actual (A) or estimated (E) meter reads. The highlighted amount is your new charges with your included Pay on Time discount.

  • 11. Adjustments
    Any adjustments or credits that have been applied to your account since your last bill will be listed here.
  • 12. Contact details
    Important contact details are listed here to ensure you get through to the right people such as your distributor, Sumo or an interpreter. Your distributor is important as they are the ones who connect the electricity/gas to your home. A good way to look at it is they own the lines and pipes to your home.
  • 13. Payment Assistance
    How to find out more about Government concessions, rebates or other payment support.
  • 14. Your detailed usage
    Compare your usage to other households and see what your energy is costing you each day.
  • 15. Payment Slip
    If you wish to pay your bill via Australia Post, simply tear off the payment slip or take the entire bill in so the barcode can be scanned and your payment made. The slip will display the total balance as well as the balance with any discounts if you pay on time. Note that payments via Australia Post can take up to two business days to be received so you should make the payment ahead of your due date.