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Smart Meter Myths

5 Smart meter myths busted.

Myth 1. Smart meters will give you radiation poisoning.

A smart meter emits even less radio frequency than your mobile phone or other home WIFI enabled devices like a Google Nest. You would have to stand directly next to a smart meter for 375 years to get the same exposure that you would get from using your phone for 15 minutes each day over an entire year.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), the primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety in Australia, has conducted extensive research into the effects of EMF emissions from smart meters. According to ARPANSA, the RF emissions from smart meters are significantly below the exposure limits, even when taking into consideration the cumulative RF exposure from other sources.

Myth 2. Getting a smart meter will increase your electricity bill.

Smart meters provide you and your retailer with accurate and real-time energy usage, this means no more manual meter readings or estimated bills.

Having a smart meter allows you to tailor your usage to take advantage of off-peak times which can help to reduce your bills.

Myth 3. Smart meters can be used to spy on you.

Smart meters are not that smart. They only record how you use energy and send the encrypted data to your energy retailer. They cannot record what’s going on in your house, especially since they’re outside, locked in your meter box. Smart meters also have multiple layers of security, including encryption and secure data transmission protocols.

Myth 4. A smart meter will allow my usage to be controlled by my retailer.

Smart meters can be reconnected and disconnected remotely, it is not possible for your retailer to control or manipulate energy usage on your smart meter. Smart meter capabilities are governed by strict regulations and consumer protection laws, so retailers are limited in what they can and can’t do.

Myth 5. Smart meters are dangerous.

Smart meters are as safe as traditional meters. They only become fire hazards if they’re not installed properly or if there were pre-existing electrical issues. If your property is very old or your meter board contain asbestos, you may need to speak with an electrician before you can get a smart meter installed.