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How do you protect me from scammers?

To help protect you, our customers, their accounts and services from unauthorised access, transactions and use, we will use multi-factor authentication processes to authenticate the identity of the people in contact with us. This may include having a One-Time-Passcode sent to a mobile contact. We do this to help protect you against the risk of identity theft and fraud and will always do this before undertaking any high-risk interaction.


If you suspect your telecommunications service or account has been subject to fraud, please report this to your financial services provider and us. The best method to inform us is by phone at 13 88 60 or email at (bureau email).


To learn more about scams, fraud and identity theft or if you suspect you are a victim we recommend visiting Scamwatch (Home | Scamwatch) and IDCARE ( IDCARE Official Website | Identity Theft & Cyber Support) for additional information and advice.


How do you protect me from scammers?

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