Potential scam: Someone purporting to call from Sumo is offering data packages and asking for credit card and/or bank details over the phone. These calls are not associated with Sumo. A real call from Sumo will confirm the account number, invoice number and account balance. For any concerns, return the call on 13 88 60 or info@sumo.com.au.

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How do I find out if I have an active phone line?

For certain technology types, we must identify the phone line connected at the supply address to activate your service. If you are unsure of the phone number you could:


  • Look for a phone number on a telephone or internet bill
  • Plug a telephone handset into the phone socket and dial 12722123 or 1272312
  • Ask the previous owner, tenant or landlord if they know the number
  • If you can’t find the number we’ll still connect you, but it might delay your service being activated.